Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Your Business Going Online With Your Customers?

Image credit - Ed Yourdon
"The way businesses connect with their customers has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The Internet completely revamped the way we do business. Today, however, another trend-within-a-trend is once again changing things up. Social media have taken the consumer marketplace by storm. Rather than looking to the yellow pages or calling up a friend for a recommendation, customers are seeking others pinions on Facebook and Twitter"

So maybe it's more accurate to say that the way that customers connect with businesses is really what has changed. Remember the three keys to success in business. Location, location, location! If your business is not where your customers are then you don't get sales and without sales your business dies. Example Research In Motion (Blackberry) The company refused to move forward with new technology when it evolved and their customers are moving forward without them. The company is going down the tubes. :(

To learn more about what your customers already know. 

This guest post was submitted to The Anywhere Office by Dominick Frasso of Vistage International

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