Monday, May 28, 2012

New On Line Business Blog Launches

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Debra has been doing business online since the mid 90's. In online marketing that's kinda like having been around since the ice age. Most of us were not even online let alone trying to sell product. Having such a great wealth of knowledge on the topic Debra has launched a new blog that I believe to be a valuable addition to your reading list. To day I feature just one of her posts as it deals with the question that every new business start up is faced with today. Should my new business be "bricks and mortar" or should it be "Bits and Bytes"    

"Why start an online business rather than a traditional business?

That might have been a valid question ten, maybe fifteen years ago, but I believe the question today has become why would anyone start anything BUT an online business? Read on to learn more about the many advantages of online business, some obvious and some not so obvious over traditional brick and mortar business models." read more

Source: "NextGenBizTools" written by Debra Lloyd

"Leading Edge Tips & Tools for Online Business"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Is Your Business Going Online With Your Customers?

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"The way businesses connect with their customers has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. The Internet completely revamped the way we do business. Today, however, another trend-within-a-trend is once again changing things up. Social media have taken the consumer marketplace by storm. Rather than looking to the yellow pages or calling up a friend for a recommendation, customers are seeking others pinions on Facebook and Twitter"

So maybe it's more accurate to say that the way that customers connect with businesses is really what has changed. Remember the three keys to success in business. Location, location, location! If your business is not where your customers are then you don't get sales and without sales your business dies. Example Research In Motion (Blackberry) The company refused to move forward with new technology when it evolved and their customers are moving forward without them. The company is going down the tubes. :(

To learn more about what your customers already know. 

This guest post was submitted to The Anywhere Office by Dominick Frasso of Vistage International

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bottom Line: Small Businesses NEED to CONNECT online!

"There was a standing-room-only crowd in the ground-level conference room inside Chenery Auditorium on Oct. 21, 2011.

People who were late were turned away. People who found seats seemed to be enthused.
It was not a musical concert, a comedy show or a school performance.
It was more than 200 small business people attending either of two sessions to learn how they could: 1. Get their businesses online; or 2. Find ways to make their online presence count.
"I need a presence," said Cheryl Hartman, a certified public accountant from Union City who attended to learn how to set up a website for her 15-year-old business and "hopefully to generate revenue and attract new customers."
“Research shows that small businesses create two-thirds of all the new jobs,” said E.T. Michael Miller, director of online sales for Google in Michigan, which co-hosted the gathering. “But nationally, 63 percent of small businesses don't have a website and 59 percent here in Michigan don't have a website.”"
The bottom line is: small businesses NEED to CONNECT online!!! 
CLICK HERE to read this entire article  (A Primmer for Small Business) 
Article written by:  Al Jones |  
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Open Letter To Small Business Owners

Welcome to Internet Marketing Expert Small Business News.

 Being a small business owner in the world today can be very challenging. It's all about change. Technology seems to be driving everything and the geek types that drive the technology LOVE change.

How do you as a small business owner keep pace with all these changes. If you thought you have to use the Internet to stay connected with your customers, you are right. But you say...NO! I DON'T WANT TO. I don't understand how the Internet works. I don't want to hire an Internet marketing type who is just going to take advantage of me and leave me high and dry. Even worse off that I am now.

It doesn't have to be that way. Yes, there are so called experts that will impress you with their geeky talk and build you the greatest web page since sliced bread. What about all the buzz about "SEO"  and the ":Social Web 2.0"? A Blog? Facebook? Twitter? Mobile Apps? Is your head spinning yet?

Simple still works. Despite all of the hype swirling around the term "Internet Marketing Expert" the fact is that your costomer simply wants to find you but she is now is a user of the Internet. She simply wants to find you ONLINE. You CAN do this!

Internet "Marketing Expert Small Business News" (IMBIZNEWZ) has one simple goal. Our single goal is to help small business owners to connect with customers on the Internet.  The expected result will be your stronger and more profitable small business.

We use the base question: "Would my grandmother be able to understand and do this?" Simple works and don't let any geeky talking wiz bang Internet Marketing Expert steer you in a different direction.

Our blog posts will highlight simple ways that experts get the job done using tried and proven tools that are available at very low cost or even for free.  Internet marketing is a very effective and low cost way to maintain and increase your customer base, secure more sales, provide great customer service and build more profitability.

We hope you will join with us as we pull complicated marketing information out of the Internet and in turn serve it to you, our reader in a simple yet effective way.

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