Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open Letter To Small Business Owners

Welcome to Internet Marketing Expert Small Business News.

 Being a small business owner in the world today can be very challenging. It's all about change. Technology seems to be driving everything and the geek types that drive the technology LOVE change.

How do you as a small business owner keep pace with all these changes. If you thought you have to use the Internet to stay connected with your customers, you are right. But you say...NO! I DON'T WANT TO. I don't understand how the Internet works. I don't want to hire an Internet marketing type who is just going to take advantage of me and leave me high and dry. Even worse off that I am now.

It doesn't have to be that way. Yes, there are so called experts that will impress you with their geeky talk and build you the greatest web page since sliced bread. What about all the buzz about "SEO"  and the ":Social Web 2.0"? A Blog? Facebook? Twitter? Mobile Apps? Is your head spinning yet?

Simple still works. Despite all of the hype swirling around the term "Internet Marketing Expert" the fact is that your costomer simply wants to find you but she is now is a user of the Internet. She simply wants to find you ONLINE. You CAN do this!

Internet "Marketing Expert Small Business News" (IMBIZNEWZ) has one simple goal. Our single goal is to help small business owners to connect with customers on the Internet.  The expected result will be your stronger and more profitable small business.

We use the base question: "Would my grandmother be able to understand and do this?" Simple works and don't let any geeky talking wiz bang Internet Marketing Expert steer you in a different direction.

Our blog posts will highlight simple ways that experts get the job done using tried and proven tools that are available at very low cost or even for free.  Internet marketing is a very effective and low cost way to maintain and increase your customer base, secure more sales, provide great customer service and build more profitability.

We hope you will join with us as we pull complicated marketing information out of the Internet and in turn serve it to you, our reader in a simple yet effective way.

Welcome to Internet Marketing Expert Business News.  What we ask you to do is, simply enter your email address to receive a notice in your inbox every time we publish a new post. Read our posts and simply learn. Of course we would also love if you left a comment, asked a question or shared our blog with your small business owner friends. 

Not sure how to do that yet? Don't worry, you will...

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