Monday, May 28, 2012

New On Line Business Blog Launches

Photo credit: "NextGenBizTools"

Debra has been doing business online since the mid 90's. In online marketing that's kinda like having been around since the ice age. Most of us were not even online let alone trying to sell product. Having such a great wealth of knowledge on the topic Debra has launched a new blog that I believe to be a valuable addition to your reading list. To day I feature just one of her posts as it deals with the question that every new business start up is faced with today. Should my new business be "bricks and mortar" or should it be "Bits and Bytes"    

"Why start an online business rather than a traditional business?

That might have been a valid question ten, maybe fifteen years ago, but I believe the question today has become why would anyone start anything BUT an online business? Read on to learn more about the many advantages of online business, some obvious and some not so obvious over traditional brick and mortar business models." read more

Source: "NextGenBizTools" written by Debra Lloyd

"Leading Edge Tips & Tools for Online Business"

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